Frosting, Pudding, Magic?

11 Jul


Gena Hemshaw’s “Chocomole” has quickly become one of my favorite healthy desserts. It is great by itself and a lovely spread for toast or rice cakes (for the wheat-intolerant like me). My favorite incarnation of this confection is a vegan French silk pie of sorts; a high raw, minus the refined sugar, French silk pie that is high in healthy fat.

An aside for the Nutritional Gobbleydegook…

There is a score of health benefits associated with avocados, here are the highlights:

Fat– Yes, avocados are high in fat. But it is a healthier kind of fat.

Phytoesterol– These support the immune system in such a way that keeps inflammation down. So, they provide a type of fat that is very helpful for controlling joint inflammation that comes with conditions like arthritis.

Oleic acid– These help your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Remember? There are the water-soluble kinds of vitamins, the kind you pee out, and fat-soluble kinds the kind that your body absorbs and stores in your body fat. That’s why eating too many carrots (high in carotenoids…see next point) can make you turn orange, as Steve Jobs did. If you want that fake tan glow look no further than carrots! I’m kidding. That would be unhealthy. But a study out a couple months ago concluded that eating fruits and vegetables, even for a couple weeks could give your skin a nice glow.

Carotenoids– precursors to Vitamin A (fat-soluble!), lovely antioxidants which reduce cancer risk and heart disease (Lycopene-which you probably associate with tomatoes, or Beta-Carotene with carrots)

With all of this information about fat-soluble vitamins, it’s good to note that if your salad dressing is fat-free you won’t absorb a lot of the nutrients in your salad, as was found in a recent study. So, you aren’t doing yourself in favors using a fat-free salad dressing! In the study, canola oil-based dressings allowed for the best nutrient absorption but they didn’t test avocados (I have a hunch that they would be better).

If you tuned all of that out (I am so guilty of this in blogs involving recipes) please tune back in!


Vegan French Silk Pie (adapted from Gena Hemshaw’s Chocomole)

2-3 Servings


1 cup walnuts or pecans (raw, if you were looking for a raw dessert!)

2 tbsp real maple syrup

2 tbsp melted coconut oil


1 ripe avocado, pitted
½ tsp vanilla
5 heaping Tbsp cocoa powder
½ cup alt. milk (I used coconut milk but I am dying to try hazelnut!)                                                                                                                    8 medjool dates, soaked

Optional: Add soaked hazelnuts for a vegan tribute to nutella.

1)   A couple hours before you foresee yourself wanting dessert (this sounds crazy to me, too)- pit your dates and place them in a bowl of water to soak. This step is important. I broke a food processor trying to blend up dates (sorry, Mom!) If you are looking to save money try a cup of raisins instead. You won’t need to soak those. Tell me how it goes if you do!


2)   A while later in the land of ambiguity…Place your crust ingredients into a blender or food processor and blend at medium speed until your nuts are crumb consistency.

3)   Grease a small pan and press the crust evenly in the bottom and sides of it. If you plan on eating this yourself, as I did, a large coffee cup would also be lovely. Cover and put this in the refrigerator to set for as long as you can manage. Hopefully, at least an hour. You could also put it in the freezer to speed things along. But that may not be raw. (I’m not sure!)

4)   Prepare filling: For the sake of your blender, blend all of the ingredients, except the dates, and then add those a few at a time. If your blender is an old fogey, you may want to consider replacing some of the dates with maple syrup and using less alt. milk.Image

5)   Pour your filling into the chilled crust, cover, refrigerate for a little bit so things will hold together. Enjoy!

If you wanted to make this fancier, add vegan cool whip! It’s super easy to make with cans of full fat coconut milk and a little powdered sugar (unfortunately, that’s processed sugar…). This recipe will certainly appear later. Grated chocolate wouldn’t hurt, either.

Chocomole is very versatile. It’s great plain or as icing! Gena Hemshaw’s blog, Choosing Raw, is equally amazing. Check it out if you want some raw food inspiration and some great musings. Summertime is perfect for getting into raw food. Who wants to cook when it’s this hot? Not me.

Stay cool,



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